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** LOST DOG INFO ** What do you do if you lose your dog??  Click the lost dog info link for help.


We'd like to thank our Keystone Greyhounds vet:


Dr. Alysia Deaven

Greys and Strays, LLC
2686 S. Pine Grove St.
Jonestown, PA 17038
717 304 9987

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Keystone Greyhounds is non profit organization dedicated to finding responsible homes for retired racing Greyhounds. We are an all volunteer group based in South Central Pa. Our goal is to place the right hound in the right home and to promote public awareness about what excellent, loving pets these noble dogs make. 


Cockroaching with a buddy!  

Danny and Michael enjoy a nap together.


Keystone Greyhounds depends on tax deductible donations, fees from adoptions, sales of Greyhound related merchandise, membership and various money-raising events to fund our adoption activities. The cost of membership is $25 annually and includes a decal, subscription to our newsletter, "The Needle Nose News" and invitations to participate in many Keystone events held throughout the year. To become a member, volunteer or to contribute to Keystone Greyhounds, please contact any of the Keystone Adoption Representatives listed on the Contact Us Page. 



The primary purpose of Keystone Greyhounds is to find responsible loving homes for greyhounds, which fail to qualify or no longer qualify for the racetrack. KG acquaints the public with the desirability of greyhounds as pets and informs them of the availability of these dogs for adoption. We work with the greyhound industry to closely match the dogs to the adopter. Keystone Greyhounds provide pre and post adoption education and support each adoption fully. We also encourage adoption of senior and other special-needs dogs.



Dianne Shadle, President

Dr. Jim Shadle, Treasurer  

Janet Utter, Secretary  

Dr. Alysia Deaven  

Dr. Judith Jozefiak

Brenda Foster  

William Stover  

Ivo Talamonti  

Rose Stover  

Jim Heisey


The Keystone Kids are children and grandchildren of members who help out at many scheduled events.  They bring a refreshing enthusiasm to Meet and Greets, car washes, parades, etc.  Make sure to say hello and thank you next time you see one of these greyt helpers!


top row left to right:  Tyler Robbins, Nate Ottens, Zach Ottens,

Hannah Robbins.  Bottom row: Colleen Robbins, Thomas Robbins,

Caroline Campbell, Annika Harder, Emily Robbins, Lauren Fritz, Linda Harder.