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** LOST DOG INFO ** What do you do if you lose your dog??  Click the lost dog info link for help.


We'd like to thank our Keystone Greyhounds vet:


Dr. Alysia Deaven

Greys and Strays, LLC
2686 S. Pine Grove St.
Jonestown, PA 17038
717 304 9987

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Sick and Tired of the same ol' webpages??

Try some of these for a change! - Lee Livingood companion animal behavior consultant.  Lee has worked with  Keystone Greyhounds and many of our adopted dogs for years. 


Greyhound Memorial Page - We have a special place to memorialize our dear greyhounds who have passed on. -  Ohio State University Greyhound Health and Wellness Program. This is one of the best web sites ever in terms of research projects and education about greyhound health. - "Greyt Health" by Suzanne Stack, DVM is an excellent health site. She often visits the listservs with information and is right on. - Pet Place is a good place to find general information about the health of dogs. - American Veterinary Medical Association -- this site offers all kinds of science and social information about animals.  - The Greyhound Project website.  Lots of useful information and advice about adopting and greyhounds in general.  Also check out the Celebrating Greyhounds Magazine at - Check out the Celebrating Greyhound Magazine.  A GREYT magazine for the greyhound lover. - Wonderful custom designed dog collars, leashes, coats and BOAs by M&M Designs. - Greyt shots of Greyhounds!  This site has a wonderful 'picture show' of greyhounds in all kinds of environments.  You can also have your best buddy added to the show.  Click on the link to enjoy the show. - Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance - Creating a no-kill  community for companion animals. - Hope for Hounds, Inspiring stories about Hounds and Cancer.  Bosha Heisey's story is the last one on this site. Bosha is the beloved hound of Barb and Jim Heisey.


www.greyhoundpetsdaytona.orgGreyhound Pets of America, Daytona Beach - Specializing in pajamas, coats and collars for your greyhound. Each garment is customized to your specifications which ensures a perfect fit.


Check out one of these additional links for more 'greyt' websites:  

Andrea Howard dog grooming