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** LOST DOG INFO ** What do you do if you lose your dog??  Click the lost dog info link for help.


We'd like to thank our Keystone Greyhounds vet:


Dr. Alysia Deaven

Greys and Strays, LLC
2686 S. Pine Grove St.
Jonestown, PA 17038
717 304 9987

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To get more information about Keystone Greyhounds or greyhounds in general, please contact any of the following:

Keystone Greyhounds 

1406 Harcourt Drive 

Harrisburg, PA 17110


Phone: (717) 234-1860 


Adoption Coordinator 

Dianne Shadle

(717) 234-1860


Adoption Representatives 



Val Fralick

(717) 728-0846 



Kathleen Talamonti

(717) 838-2907



Colleen Robbins

(717) 600-2537


Linda Jermyn

(717) 855-0452



Brenda Foster   


Connie King

(717) 399-3883



Travis & Peggy Mathna

(717) 677-8089


Maria Levenstein

(717) 677 4656


Tammy Trivelpiece

(570) 759-3924

Jersey Shore/Williamsport area 

Cathi Walker 

(570) 398-1296



Ellen Sisco

Delaware and Chester county 

Dr. Nancy Simons

(610) 388-0838