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We'd like to thank our Keystone Greyhounds vet:


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2686 S. Pine Grove St.
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Keystone Greyhounds Adoptable Dogs

updated 04/20/2015


Please note:  While all of our dogs are perfect (so we think!) please try not to fall in love with a particular dog you see on our website.  Keystone is passionate about placing the RIGHT hound in the RIGHT home.  So trust us to match up the right dog with your family.                     


Crazybobella, Bella for short, is a teeny-tiny female who will be 4 in May. She is about as sweet as they come! Her personality is very pixie-like. She's outgoing, not timid at all. Bella is quiet and relaxed in a crate and is a very good eater, not picky. Bella is okay with smaller dogs down to about 20 pounds, but should not be in a home with cats. This little one is the cutest ever!  Bella's Pedigree.  Click here for additional pictures.


In a Sec, Sissy, is a 5 year old red girl with a gray face and weighs about 60 lbs. She's a sweet girl but will need a special home.  Click here for additioal pictures and detailed information on Sissy.  Sissy's Pedigree 


Riddle Me This is a white and red 3 year old male.  He's a sweet boy who will do fine with cats.  Riddle's Pedigree  Click here for additional pictures.     


Itís Benji Man is a white and fawn 4 year old male.  Benji is cat tolerant. Benji's Pedigree  Click here for additional pictures.    


Tap Star Lefty, aka Lefty, is a white with brindle ticking 66 pound female, 3 years old and cat tolerant.  Lefty is a lovely girl and ready for the next phase of her life, retirement.  Lefty's Pedigree Click here for additional pictures.


J's Bret Wright is a handsome boy who will be 4 in June. Bret is cat tolerant, and has been fostered with cats, Greyhounds and a Chihuahua. Bret will make someone a great pet!  How we love these black boys! Bret's Pedigree  Click here for additional pictures.      


Please note:  Everyone loves the cat safe females, but often they are harder to come by, so we feel it only fair to save them (and the cat safe boys) for adopters who have cats.  Thanks for your understanding.


      These kids have all been adopted!


PJ Silver Bullet


WW Pop In


MRL Aces Full  


Ivonna Run


Bonnie Belle


Nitro Percy